Area Broadcast equips the Instituto Cervantes



The Cervantes Institute, a government agency responsible for promoting the Spanish language throughout the world and who has offices on five continents, has confided in AreaBroadcast for the development of content intake, cataloging, editing and postproduction of their internet television.

In order to upgrade their storage systems and improve and streamline content management, AreaBroadcast has opted for an Avid ISIS 5000 shared storage solution with 32TB of capacity and the MAM Avid Inteplay media management system ( Interplay, Media Indexer, Lookup Server, Assist and Access).

Because of the different existing work groups (Writing, Post Production and Intake from Salón/Plató) it was necessary to study the needs of each group individually:

Both the Editing and Post Production groups have Avid Media Composer and Mojo DXfor receiving material. Both groups do not share information with each other, but share the media generated from the third group installed in Plató , which also works with Avid Media Composer 5.5 and Mojo DX.

All this material is cataloged in two independent Interplay stations ( Interplay Assist) and managed in turn by an administrator (Interplay Access). Foto Instalación

AreaBroadcast has not only supplied and installed the systems, but has also participated, along with Instituto Cervantes technicians and operators, in creating a workflow that maximizes system resources in the most efficient manner. And to ensure it stays that way, also offers technical support for all installed systems.

With this project, AreaBroadcast has positioned itself as a leader in the implementation of major projects, carried out successfully from start to finish, from initial consultation, in which customer needs are defines to roll-out and implementation, then finally integration with other systems and after-sales support. In this way AreaBroadcast strengthens its relationship as an Elite Reseller with the leading brand in editing systems, post production and media management; Avid Technology.