Philosophy and History

We are a company dedicated to audiovisual systems integration solutions. We were founded in 2005 with one objective: to become the leading audiovisual solutions provider on the national and international scene.

The confidence that the best firms and national and international companies have placed in us promises an extraordinary future for the company and confirms its work ethic and client policies, based on close and efficient relationships and always finding the best solution and the demand generated by this sector in flux.

Thanks to our development policy and the extensive experience of our founders, today we have a wide range of products and services that allow our customers to successfully reach your goals every day.

Every day we dedicate our efforts to adapt all the specific business lines to your needs and the evolution of the industry.

We call these “demand solutions” and “services on demand”. Just some examples of what the company offers:

Services and quality assurance:
  • Personalized service : detailed and permanent consulting
  • Customized contracts and turn-key projects
  • Automation Solutions : business management software, amortization schedules and operating budgets
  • Comprehensive technical support service
  • Collaboration agreements and joint development of applications
  • Maintenance of rooms, equipment and entire facilities