Today, networks are an essential part of business and AREABROADCAST is always available to help you manage, maintain or transform your IT infrastructure as trusted official distributors of CISCO products.

Cisco Systems Hardware products, software and services are used to create solutions for communications, storage, internet and more, enabling companies to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. We rely on Cisco Systems, Inc., a world leader in networking and the internet, to provide our customers the most suitable products that address their technology and communication needs, creating an IT infrastructure that can facilitate a flexible and remote working environment.

Products and Services:

Borderless Networks:

Connect anyone anywhere, using any device at any time, safely, reliably and smoothly. Unified management and automation allow multimedia organizations greater labor productivity, increased IT efficiency and increased customer experience quality at the same time generating new revenue opportunities.

  • Routers
  • Switchers
  • Wireless Technology
  • Security



The Cisco collaboration solutions provide an instant form of communication, interacting and conducting business through the desired communication channels.The elements of this collaboration architecture are modular and flexible, allowing us to develop an investment planthat helps ensure interoperability and collaboration at our customers’ site.

  • IP Telephony: communication services for all users at any time and through any media, device or operating system, thanks to a complete suite of network-based solutions.


Data Center and Virtualization

Unifies storage, information technology and network resources to simplify your data center.

  • Servers
  • Datacenter: High Speed Switches for LAN (Ethernet) and SAN (Fibre Channel and FCoE)
  • Storage


Small Business Solutions

The Cisco suite of products for small businesses offers flexible and scalable technology and solutions for voice and data networks for small businesses at affordable prices. AREABROADCAST helps in planningand controlling the evolution of your company and works with you to align your technology strategy according to your business needs.

  • Routers y Switchers
  • Safety and Security
  • Voice and Conferences
  • Wireless Technology and Network Storage